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Versatile Protection Sdn Bhd was established to cater for the growing demand within Malaysia for professional security risk management advice and services.

The management group of our company is comprised of highly trained personnel with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the feilds of security, investigation and risk management.

Versatile Protection Sdn Bhd does more than just highlight risks. We believe in the importance of understanding our clients needs and limitation by providing a full range of professional services in a prompt and cost effective manner.

Versatile Protection Sdn Bhd aims to assists our clients in achieving their corporate goals by guaranteeing a prompt response to your security or risk management needs, whilst providing cost effective fee structure.

When Versatile Protection Sdn Bhd was established. we did it with an unwavering commitment to provide our clients with the finest possible service, and the best qualified security officers in the industry.

The outstanding staff of When Versatile Protection Sdn Bhd, remain committed to the same principle on which our company was founded.