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At Versatile Protection Sdn Bhd, we have benchmarked our employee selection process against the best in the security industry and identified rigorous screening and demanding selection criteria that we believe best allows us to provide superior security personnel to our clients. Beginning with our recruiting efforts to attract employees who are seeking careers all the way to the final background evaluation, our selection process goes well beyond technical requirements. In other words, from our initial aptitude testing to interviews to the background evaluations, our emphasis includes not only rigorous screening, but also a focus on the attributes, traits, and values that incorporate the philosophies and expectations of VERSATILE and our clients.
At VERSATILE, we are able to attract employees that might not traditionally consider the contract security industry due to the strength of our competitive compensation, comprehensive employee benefits, professional development programs, and significant advancement opportunities.
Although we comply with all specific selection criteria requested by clients, our standard Employee Screening Process includes the following:

  • Aptitude Testing
  • Extensive Interviews
  • Employment Verification & Professional References
  • Character References
  • Identification Card Number Verification & Residential History
  • Criminal Background Investigations
  • Drug Testing
  • Basic Requirements
    Educational Requirements & Verification
    Military/Police History (if applicable)

This thorough evaluation process ensures that we not only hire only the best qualified candidates for employment but that we assign the right person to each unique assignment based upon personality traits and technical skill requirements


At VERSATILE, we believe that training is obviously fundamental to the performance of professional security officers and we are therefore committed and dedicated to the training process. In response to this dedication, we have developed a comprehensive orientation and training program that exceeds industry standards; and we offer extensive professional development opportunities.


At VERSATILE, we are committed to being the “employer of choice” within the contract security industry and we are committed to offering career opportunities. Therefore, after we have completed the recruitment, selection, and screening process, we must continuously strive to motivate and retain these dedicated employees. Although we recognize the importance of the pre-employment selection process, extensive training and professional development programs, and unrivaled management support, we firmly believe that our comprehensive program of employee benefits, performance incentives, and individual recognition awards significantly enhances our ability to attract, retain, and motivate an incredible team of dedicated professionals.
At VERSATILE we obviously understand that only satisfied employees can and will provide exceptional customer service to our clients.